Wednesday, September 5, 2012

9/4/12 ChefElla's Super Pesto Chicken Sandwich

My Dad has a rule at the dinner table, you do not have to eat everything, but you do have to try everything.  This is a hard rule for me to follow because not all of the foods we eat look good to me.  Sometimes I even say things like, "Oh gross!" out loud.  When I do this I get into big trouble because my little sister hears me, and then she does not want to try the food either, and my Dad gets really angry.  The good thing about our try everything rule, is that sometimes, the gross looking food ends up tasting really good.  One night, my Dad made us try pesto pizza and I really liked it, even though pesto is green and looks gross it turned out to be really good.  Now I use pesto on my super pesto chicken sandwiches .  I know pesto looks funny, but you should try it like I did.

1.  Wash your hands.
2.  Get a mixing board, a cutting board, a table spoon, a knife, a serrated (bread) knife, a butter knife,
     and a ruler.
3.  The chicken for this recipe will be grilled.  You should have your Mom or Dad pre-heat the grill to
     get it ready for cooking.

1 lb.               Raw fresh boneless chicken breast.  
                    -You can use pre-cooked grilled chicken breast, or a pre-cooked roasted chicken if it is
                    easier for you.
1 1/2 Tbl       Extra Virgin Olive Oil
                    -If you are using pre-cooked chicken you will not need any oil.
1 loaf            Parmesan Cheese Baguette, or any other type of bread covered with cheese or
                   seasonings, cut into 4 inch long pieces using your bread knife.           
                   -Baguette is a french work for a loaf of bread that looks like a skinny baseball bat.
1 Jar            Pesto
                   -Pesto is a sauce made from garlic, parmesan cheese, oil, pine nuts, and basil.  The sauce
                    is blended and looks green and kind of gross, but it tastes really good.
4 Pieces        Provolone cheese, sliced thin.
                    -You can substitute mozzarella cheese if you like that better.
4.  Add the chicken to the bowl.  Cover with the olive oil and mix well.
5.  Grill your chicken.  You will need your parents for this part, but grilling is fun because you get to
     cook outside.
6.  When the chicken is done let it sit on a plate to cool.
7.  Cut your pieces of baguette in half with your serrated knife and warm in a microwave for 15-20
     seconds or in a toaster until the bread is nice and warm.
8.  When the bread comes out put a piece of your cheese on the bottom half of the bread.  Use your
     butter knife to spread about 1 tablespoon of pesto on the top half of your bread.
9.  With your parents help cut the chicken in thin strips and put on top of your cheese.
10.  Put the top on your sandwich and serve with fruit, chips, or pasta salad.

Optional: If you like other vegetables like your parents do, you can put fresh cut tomatoes and fresh basil leaves on your sandwich also.


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