Wednesday, September 12, 2012

9/11/12 Chefella's Chilly Sunday Turkey Chili

School started last week, it is starting to get cold outside, and I have the perfect recipe.  Even though I like fall it seems that we all get so busy around the house.  Mom and Dad are always making dinner, helping us with homework, and packing us lunches for school.  While I like to help in the kitchen sometimes I want to make something special by myself.  My chili is just the right thing.  We can all eat it for dinner, my sister can take it to school for lunch, and my Dad can eat it on Sunday while he watches football.  If you are not allowed to use the stove by yourself you can still help by getting all of the ingredients ready.  This recipe is simple, easy, and very quick to make.

1.  Wash your hands.
2.  Get a big soup pot, a can opener, a big colander (pasta strainer), and a wooden or heat proof spoon to cook with.

1.25 lb.         Raw ground turkey breast.  
2 packs        Chili Spice (not chili powder).
                   -I prefer McCormick's low sodium, mild chili spice. 
                   -There are many different kinds of chili spice you can buy.  Whatever kind you use, you
                  should have 70 grams of chili spice total.
1 Tbl.           Cumin, ground
1- 15oz can  Pinto/ Red Beans                  
1- 15oz can  Great Northern Beans/ White Beans  
2- 15oz can  Black Beans 
1- 28oz can  Tomato Sauce
1- 28oz can  Petit Diced Tomatoes
1- 4oz can    Mild green chilis, diced.

3.  First open all of you cans with the can opener.  Be careful when they are open, because the lids can
     be very sharp.
4.  Put your colander in the sink and pour all of you beans into the colander.  Rinse (wash) your beans
     with cold water.When the water runs clear they are ready.  Let the beans sit in the colander until you
     are ready for them.
5.  Heat your soup pot.  When it is hot add your ground turkey.  Stir and chop your turkey with your
     spoon.  Continue to cook until the meat is not pink anymore, and until it is all chopped into little
6.  Add your chili spice and cumin and mix it into the meat.  Let the meat and spices cook for 30
7.  Slowly add your tomato sauce and tomatoes.
     -Add them slowly so that you do not get splashed with tomato sauce.  Tomato sauce will not come
      out of your clothes and then you will have to explain to everyone why you have one little red dot
      on your shirt.
8.  Slowly add your beans and your green chilis.
9.  Mix everything together and turn the stove down to medium-low.
10.  Stir your chili every few minutes so that it does not burn in the pan.  When the chili is bubbling
       turn it off and serve.

This chili is really good topped with sour cream, shredded cheese, and served with your favorite chips.
This chili is also good served over a nice hot dog.
You can freeze your leftovers or take them for lunch at school if your Dad does not eat it all while watching football.


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