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7/19/14 ChefElla's Spicy Salmon Quesadilla with Grilled Corn Salsa

I know that making quesadillas can seem like a big task.  The recipe seems like it has a lot of steps, you have to use the stove and grill, and flipping a quesadilla seems like it is a little to hard for you.  I know how you feel. Sometimes when I look at a recipe I say the same things and then I do not make it.  What you miss is the experience of making something really good and learning how to make something different. This year you will make dinner around 300 times. The truth is that not everyone of those dinners will be perfect.  And not everyone will like everything you make, but you will get another chance tomorrow. If you skip all of the recipes that seem hard you miss the chance of finding a new favorite recipe and learning something new about cooking and yourself.  These quesadillas really are not that hard to make.  I know that the instructions look long, but that is so I can explain it, it is not because there are so many steps to make them. So learn something new this week and enjoy.

By the way if you do not like salmon, substitute beef, pork, chicken, turkey, mushrooms, or any of your favorites instead.

For this recipe you will need to use a knife, the stove, and the grill.  If you are not allowed to use a knife, stove, or grill by yourself you can have a grown up help.
1. Wash your hands.
2. For this recipe you will need measuring spoons and cups, a knife, a cutting board, a large bowl,
    a large sauté pan, tongs, a large spoon, a spatula, and the grill.
ChefElla's Spicy Salmon Quesadilla (This recipe will make 4 quesadillas)
8 ea             Whole Wheat or Whole Grain Tortillas (8 inch)
4 oz             PepperJack Cheese (Shredded)
                    -If you can only find whole pieces of Pepper Jack Cheese just crumble or shred
                     your cheese at home.
                    -If you do not want your quesadillas spicy substitute Monterey Jack Cheese
8 oz             Cheddar Jack Cheese (Shredded)
8 oz             Salmon, Fresh, Boneless Filets
3 tsp            Olive Oil

Grilled Corn Salsa (This recipe will make about 4 cups of salsa)
2 Cups          Roma Tomatoes, Medium Diced (4 - 5 tomatoes)
1 Cup            White Onion, Small Diced (1 small white onion)
1/2 Cup        Poblano Pepper, Minced (1 pepper)
                      -Poblano Peppers are a mild chili pepper.  Cut off the stem end and cut the pepper
                       in half lengthwise.  Remove the seeds and white ribs.  Cut the pepper into thin
                       strips and cut the strips into tiny pieces.
                      -If you do not want your quesadillas spicy substitute a Green Bell Pepper.
1/4 Cup        Cilantro Leaves, (Chopped Fine)
1 tsp              Kosher Salt        
1/4 tsp          Black Pepper
1 ea                Lime Juice
                      -Roll lime on the counter with your palm to soften the lime.  Cut the lime in half
                       and squeeze juice into your salsa.  1 ripe lime will yield a little less than 1/4 cup.
2 pieces        Fresh Corn, Grilled (2 ears)

3.  Preheat grill to medium heat.  Remove husks and silk from your fresh corn.  Rub each ear of corn
     with 1 teaspoon of olive oil.  Rub salmon with remaining olive oil.
4.  Put salmon and corn on the grill.  Let salmon cook for 3 minutes on one side and then 2 minutes
     on the other side.  If you like your salmon well done cook for another minute on each side.  If you
     like your salmon less well done cook for a little less time on each side.  Remove salmon from
     the grill.
5.  Turn you corn every 2 minutes until the corn is browned all the way around.
      Remove corn from the grill.  Let salmon and corn rest until you need them.
6.  Cut up all ingredients for salsa and mix in your bowl.  When finished cut the bottom of your corn
      cobs to make them flat.  Stand up corn on the flat end.  Carefully, starting at the top cut downward
      removing the corn kernels from the cob.  Do not cut too deep, so that you do not cut off the hard
      parts off the corn cob.  Turn the cob as you remove the kernels.  Keep your hand on the top of the
      cob the whole time.
7.  Mix corn into the salsa.  Crumble salmon with your fingers and split into four equal servings.
8.  Preheat saute pan on medium heat.  Spray one side of a tortilla with pan spray.  Place tortilla in
     your sauté pan.  Brown one side of your tortilla.  If the tortilla puffs up just pierce it to let the air
9.  Put your tortilla cooked side up on your cutting board.  Top with 1/8th of your cheese mixture.
     Top cheese with 1/4 of your salmon. Top salmon with a heaping 1/4 cup of salsa.  Top salsa
     with 1/8 of your cheese mixture.  Heat another tortilla until it is crispy and browned.  Top
     your quesadilla with your second tortilla browned side against the cheese.
     -I pre-heat my tortillas because I want my quesadilla to be crispy inside and out.
10.  Spray pan with pan spray and return finished quesadilla to the pan.  Cook for 2 minutes on one
       side.  Carefully flip quesadilla over and brown for 2 more minutes on the other side.
11.  Remove quesadilla from the pan and cut on your cutting board.
12.  Repeat 3 more times to make your remaining quesadillas.

Serve with sour cream, guacamole, and salsa.
This recipe for salsa is great on its own and you can make it anytime to serve with chips, eggs, tacos, or nachos.



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