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9/7/14 ChefElla's Mini-Pizza Pockets

I don't know about you, but when I get home from school I am soooo hungry.  There are so many good choices for snacks after school, apples, grapes, cheese and crackers, fruit and nuts, and smoothies.  There are also the afternoon snacks that are good, but not so good for you, chips, pizza rolls, cookies, candy, and many other options.  At my house we try to stick with the healthy snacks, but sometimes you want the snacks that are not so good for you.  I know that the not so good snacks are o.k. to eat every once in a while, but I would like to have them a little more often, so I made my own version of one of my favorites mini-pizza pockets.  I know they are better for me because I can use healthier ingredients in my recipe and because I bake my pizza pockets.  These pizza pockets are good for after school and for a friday night when you have your friends over to watch a movie.  If you don't like the ingredients I use you can substitute your favorite ingredients.

For this recipe you will need to use a knife and the oven.  If you are not allowed to use a knife
or the oven by yourself you can have a grown up help.
1. Wash your hands.
2. For this recipe you will need measuring cups, a knife, a cutting board, a medium mixing bowl,
    two small spoons, a small bowl or coffee cup, aluminum foil, and a cookie sheet.

ChefElla's Back To School Quiche Sandwiches (This recipe will make 48 pieces)
1 pkg.           Wonton Wrappers
5 oz              Turkey Pepperoni (1 package is 5 oz.)
2 Cups          Pizza Cheese, Shredded
                     -If you do not want to buy pizza cheese you can make your own mix of cheese.
                      Good cheeses for making pizza include parmesan, mozzarella, fontina, and cheddar.
1 1/2 Cups    Pizza Sauce or Spaghetti Sauce
As Needed   Pan Spray (Pam, etc.)

3. Pre-heat oven to 425F.
4. Dice up your Turkey Pepperoni.  Make a small pile of pepperoni.  Slice pepperoni into strips.
    Turn strips 90 degrees and cut into small squares.
5. In your medium bowl mix pepperoni, cheese, and pizza sauce.
6. Line your cookie sheet with aluminum foil.  Spray foil with pan spray.
7. Lay out 4-6 wontons on your cutting board.  Make sure you keep your other wontons covered with
    a damp cloth or plastic so that they do not dry out while making your 4-6 pizza pockets.
8. With one spoon scoop up some of the mixture.  Using your other spoon scrape the mixture onto
     your wonton skin.

9.  Pour cold water into your small bowl.  Using your finger wipe water along the top two sides.

10.  Fold the wonton in half.  Make sure you keep the mix in the center.  Squeeze the sides of the
       wonton together.  Place wonton on your cookie sheet.
11.  Continue to make your pizza pockets until you fill up your cookie sheet.
12.  Spray the pizza pockets with pan spray.  Bake in the oven for 8-10 minutes or until the edges
13.  Repeat the process until all of your mix and wontons are gone.
14.  Serve warm with warm pizza sauce.

If you want some for later let the pockets cool and put in a freezer bag and store in your freezer
until you are ready to eat them.  Reheat in the oven until pockets are crispy.

The fun thing about this recipe is that you can make as many different flavors of pizza pockets as you want.  Try different sauces, meats, cheeses, or vegetables in your pizza pockets.


- ChefElla

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