Tuesday, December 11, 2012

12/11/12 Table Setting: A Note From ChefElla's Dad


When I was young my family and I regularly ate dinner together.  My mother would cook and we would sit down to eat.  No t.v., no texting, no computer, and no homework at the table.  While I did not help in the kitchen, I had what I thought was the most important job, setting the table.  My mother would tell me what we were having for dinner and I would set the table accordingly.  I was proud of myself, and I was part of making dinner special.

Looking back on it now, I realize it was a little thing, but it taught me a lot, and while learning to cook is important, learning how to entertain and take care of your guests is just as important.  We eat with our eyes, and sitting down to a beautiful table can enhance any meal.

Things are different now, we eat on the run, we have t.v., text, computers and homework at the table, but it does not mean that you should not sit down to a properly set table.  Take the time to set the table with your little ChefElla's now, and when you have a special dinner they will be be ale to help by setting the table for you.

1.  For more formal dinners, the internet is a great place to see table settings.  There are pictures and
     explanations to help you set your table no matter what you are making.
2.  Do not make setting the table a chore, make it an important part of cooking and entertaining your
     family and guests.  Make sure you recognize your child's effort out loud and at the table.
3.  For special occasions you can have your child do something extra.  Personalized place cards,
     decorations, and even hand written menus will add to the entertainment.  This will also keep
     the kids busy while you are in the kitchen.
     (If crafts are not your thing, you can simply buy decorations, and have your child spend their time
     decorating the table.)

With family dinners, parties, and holidays coming up, it is a great time to introduce your ChefElla to setting the table.


-ChefElla's Dad

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